*somehow manages to surround myself with all the types of people and bullshit that I spent all of high school avoiding*

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Say Anything - Every Man Has a Molly

You goddamn kids had best be gracious
with the merch money you spend

'cause for you I won’t ever have rough sex
with Molly Connolly again.

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it literally stresses me out how much good music there is that i still haven’t listened to

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Brand New- Jesus Christ


Tiny Moving Parts | Fair Trade

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I’m just chilling at the radio station tonight so if anyone wants to send me asks right now that would be p cool

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Just played guitar in the hall and made $0.37 ~

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Modern Baseball - Pothole (x)


Where are you? And im so sorry. I cannot sleep, i cannot dream tonight.

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share a coke with your own crippling sense of loneliness and inability to be mentally present in the real world

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