thug life more like ugh life

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you can’t even understand how many years i have waited for a picture like this you really can’t fucking understand

The Hotelier l Photo: Ally Newbold 
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My Apology || The Get Up Kids

Sometimes I’m old enough to keep routines, 
sometimes I’m child enough to scream for everything I broke in two.
You’re barely missing me, I’m missing you and everything you do,
I really do, I really do…sure I do.

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… And as I turned to leave,
I caught myself in the mirror to see
I aged a year this week.

I left a note up on your bed
That said “Hey, thanks again
For everything you did.”

Hey Jess,
I woke up older carrying
Two years in the bags under my eyes.
Hey Jess,
I watched you wake up and get dressed.
You left the room.
Receded like my hairline.

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Well, Jesus Christ, I’m not scared to die,
I’m a little bit scared of what comes after.

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Dads (by Hunter Wallace Photo)
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"die young and save for yourself." - 
"Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades" - Brand New


A makeout session would be great right about now

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